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Born in the streets of New York, VVERX is a movement. It doesn’t simply exist- it breathes, it changes, it interacts. Dedicated to quality and innovation, VVERX is a lifestyle encapsulated as urban-wear. It is the ever moving and ever changing pulse of the city, not only your anchor but the ship too. As this ship travels it knows no location, no limits no boundaries. It is the platform for creativity, dedicated to the process of each individual to inspire and create. We are fleeting moments, sharp edges, warm memories, hard work, and pursuit. The beauty of contradictions- the core to progress and creation- that is where we take root.

The ability to incorporate the energy of our pieces into your life is the very fabric of our collection. That is why we are carefully and entirely handcrafted in New York to better fit the complex patterning of each individual. We don’t venture in the games of popularity or exclusivity- passing fads that come and go. We are after value and creation. All our pieces are made locally so that we can be fully involved in the building process of the garment. We are a sturdy built bridge leading you to the other side. Our limited production of garments allows each piece to be rich. There is no shipping to factories, no bulk production, no wastefulness. All of that has been done. We represent all that hasn’t.

We are a periscope both to the past and future. Our pieces are interwoven with the nostalgia of a graffiti covered subway ride to Brooklyn as well as the beat of the entire world on a journey to their dreams. The journey is both simple and complex but always universal. VVERX is a worldwide attitude that builds strong. Forever laying its path and moving—up.

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